St Johns Church Records:
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In 1857, John and Thomas Plumbe Tempest of Tong Hall gave to Michael Turner, Vicar of Tong, a piece of land in Tong Street, called 'The Intake' for the building of a new church school, that was to be known as the 'Tong National School'.
In 1860, St. John's Church, Tong Street was built at the corner of Rook Lane, near the Dudley Hill junction of the A650. The new church was unfortunately too close to both St. John's Bierley and St. John's Bowling.

The two main things that led to the closure of St. John's in 1969, after only 109 years of existence. Firstly the building of the Holme Wood estate led to the establishing of St. Christopher's between 1958 and 1968, and meant that this was the main focus for Christian mission and ministry during that period. Secondly, as Holme Wood was being built, much of Tong Street and Dudley Hill was demolished, causing a substantial drop in population in Tong Street. The number of church members continued to decline steeply in the 1960's.

In 1969, a meeting was held in the school to consider the future of the church. It was attended by very few members, and the outcome was that the church should recommend to the diocese that the building be declared redundant.

So the building closed and after the clocktower had been dismantled, the building was sold for commercial use.

In 1994 a re-birth was took place. Recognising that the church needed to re-establish its mission and ministry to the population of Tong Street, on Saturday September 25th the Bishop of Bradford dedicated the establishing of the new St. John's congregation that was to meet in the school hall. Over 200 people attended, including some who had been members of the old church that had closed over 20 years previously. Worship began the following day, with 61 people gathering for the first Sunday Service at 11 am.

Baptism records start in 1860, with the baptism of Permelia Taylor on the 12th of March, but the first marriage didn't take place until 1967. In fact, for the first twenty years, only two marriages took place.